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causes of metal mold burst

it is a common occurrence for metal mold template to burst. sometimes, if it is serious, a template is divided into several pieces at once. of course, there are many reasons for the direct cracking of the template, from the mold design and purchase of materials to the stamping operation process. affect it. the following are the reasons for the explosion of the 2022卡塔尔世界杯正赛 mold organized by the editor.
1. the blanking is not smooth

before production, there is no demagnetization treatment and no return pin; there are jammed materials such as broken needles and springs during production; no leakage, or rolling, blocking, and foot blocking when assembling the mold. this is the most common point. if the assembly master does not pay attention, this situation is most likely to occur when there are many blanking holes or when the mold has cushion blocks.

2. design process

the mold strength is not enough, the knife edge spacing is too close, the mold structure is unreasonable, the number of template blocks is not enough, there is no backing board.

3. heat treatment: deformation caused by improper quenching and tempering process

practice has proved that the thermal processing quality of the mold has a great impact on the performance and service life of the mold. from the analysis and statistics of the causes of mold failure, it can be known that "accidents" of mold failure caused by improper heat treatment account for more than 40%.

5. improper wire cutting

the ground wire is cut and the gap of the wire cut is not handled properly, and the metamorphic layer of the cut angle and wire cut is not affected. the cutting edge of the die is mostly processed by wire cutting. due to the thermal effect and electrolysis of the wire cutting process, a certain thickness of metamorphic layer is produced on the surface of the mold, which causes the surface hardness to decrease, and microcracks appear. this makes the wire cutting die prone to early wear and directly affects the die blanking gap. keeping and cutting edges are easy to chip and shorten the service life of the mold. therefore, in the online cutting process, reasonable electrical standards should be selected to minimize the depth of the metamorphic layer.

6. selection of punch equipment

the punch tonnage, the punching force is not enough, and the die is adjusted too deeply. the accuracy and rigidity of stamping equipment (such as presses) are extremely important for the impact of die life. the stamping equipment has high precision and good rigidity, and the die life is greatly improved. for example: the material of the complex silicon steel sheet die is crl2mov, which can be used on an ordinary open press with an average regrinding life of 10,000 to 30,000; while on a new precision press, the die’s regrinding life can reach 60,000 to 120,000.